For the 400 families privileged to live on Cornwall Hill Country Estate in Centurion, tranquility is part of an exclusive lifestyle. Cornwall houses are built with an English Country theme. Stands varies between 10 000, 4000 and 1000 square meters. The Hennops river forms the southern border of the estate and provides a wonderful place for family picnics or braais. Residents can explore this secluded area on foot per bicycle or on horseback.

Access to the prestigious Cornwall Hill College can be obtained without leaving the estate, making it very safe and convenient for primary and secondary scholars to be involved in various scholastic activities.

Being situated close to the R21 residents have easy access to Pretoria or Johannesburg. Irene Farm Village and Southdowns is very close for convenient shopping.

Security is extremely important at Cornwall. Various methods are used to make sure that visitors and contractors are closely monitored. The company that is responsible for security is also involved with other residential and corporate estates in the area. A good relationship exists between Cornwall and the local Community Policing Forum.

Cornwall Hill Country Estate. A way of life. The way to live.



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